Engine LD

Engine Layout Definitions for iPhone and iPod touch shows how layout changes in an internal combustion engine piston-crank system will affect its engine displacement,  its power and dynamic forces. 

Any change on engine layout parameters are calculated and reflected on sketches and graphes dynamically which makes this app a comprehensive tool that makes hard concepts be understood.

Engine LD gives graphical plots and lists for displacement volume vs crank angle data and dynamic forces vs crank angle data to support further spreadsheet calculations and basic finite element calculations.

Recent Update v 1.56:

- Minor improvements for iPhoneX.

Recent update v1.51:

Performance improvements

Updates v1.40 and v1.50:

- Calculations are carried either in English or SI units optionally. 

- Universal application, new iPad interface enables showing effect of layout changes on power in one screen.

- Stylistic improvements and more options for inlet pressure, temperature and sfc values.

Working titles:

- New table for saving and restoring power calculation parameters.

For suggestions, bugs&problems: