Chatting Calculator

The computational powers of smartphones and tablets have made the humble pocket calculator pretty much obsolete. Chatting Calculator is extremely flexible scientific calculator armed with powerful features.

It displays all of your calculations in chat format, allowing you to quickly reference previous calculations, while editing cursor buttons allow you to go backwards and forwards, with each modification you can compare with previous results. The app includes support for unit conversions on entered formulas.

Chatting Calculator has the graphing mode, which allows users to draw up to two equations on screen. Graphed data can be exported in a cvs file.

Chatting Calculator has a unique keypad design that enables calculate and convert (C&C) at the same time. 

Recent update:

Compatibility update for coming iOS (15+) versions.


- Special keypad suitable for engineering calculations.

- Copying and pasting any previous entry or result by just tapping on its avatar. Pressing any avatar copies its equation entry or calculation result (depending on which is pressed) to input field.

- Cursor arrows enables editing pasted entries.

- Recognizing entries with errors and raising warnings.

- Written equations can be used with unit converter. 

- Entry field background color turns to red colour in case of unpaired parentheses and turns to green color once parentheses are paired again.

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