Finite Element Beam Deflection Analysis

Finite Element Analysis Software for Euler-Bernoulli Beams.

Finite Element Beam Deflection Analysis is for studying finite element method.  Included free vibration analysis module calculates natural frequencies of free model automatically once solve button is pressed.

Its user interface is developed for simplicity,  all finite element beam modelling in one screen. 

Projects can be duplicated with a simple button in projects table. 

Finite element beam deflection analysis performs finite element calculations for statically determinate Euler-Bernoulli beams. The code is written in Objective C, using a  matrix library that interfaces BLAS, LAPACK and vDSP functions via the Accelerate Framework.

Finite element beam deflection analysis includes:

- 8 sample projects (requires clean install)

-Multiple sharing options including airport file transfer, enables  exporting raw pdf data on other available  applications (i.e. pdf editors) for writing reports.

-Saving and restoring project data.

-Calculating mathematical functions in entries automatically.

-Special keypad for entering formulas.

-Responsive entry fields.

Recent update:

Compatibility update for coming iOS (15+) versions.

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