Engineering FMEA

Engineering FMEA for iPad is a new application prepared for quick and easy engineering documentation. Main purpose of the application is educational, enabling structured thinking in engineering problems. It can be also used for different purposes including FMEA reporting, quick delivery of preliminary data for urgent meetings, selecting a team or following corrective actions etc. 

A sample FMEA with tutorial content is included at the first installation (clean install is required).

Reporting Capabilities:

Content of full report can be changed by settings buttons. 

Each section has also its own specific report buttons. 

Users can install and save their project specific logo pictures by tapping on logo picture in notification page.

1) Pre-work report with a editable photo.

2) Team managing table.

3) FMEA table for design or process FMEAs. Severity, occurrence and detection scale descriptions automatically changing with  selected type of FMEA entry. Combined design and process FMEA possible in one table.  

4) Reviewing documents table.

5) Recommended (corrective) actions report. 

Any previously entered record in a table can be retrieved to "entry field" by selecting that row. Once selected,  changes can be saved or added as a new record by using command buttons in  entry field.

Any previously prepared projects can be duplicated.

Recent update:

Compatibility update for coming iOS (15+) versions.

For suggestions, ideas, bugs&problems: